Thursday, May 19, 2005


Welcome Blogger Buzz readers! [Editor's note to Jason Goldman: Thanks for the link!] Please feel free to look around. If you are interested in a lesson in Swedish, check out this post on my other blog called EGO. If you are fluent in "svenska" (Swedish), go to my blog called Lukeion - "En skola för amerikanska ideal" (Lukeion - A School for American Ideals).

We've not yet translated the Blogger into Swedish, but Aktuellt has helpfully explained the whole signup process - complete with screenshots. (Tack så mycket, Martin!) (Goldtoe,, 05/18/05.)

[Editor's note: "Tack så mycket!" = Thank you very much!"]

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have now transplanted the seedlings to separate pots. In the picture you could see tomato, paprika and chile pepper plants. For more photos, go to the gallery at Buzznet.