Wednesday, January 29, 2003


I have tested the following brands of coffee: Mauritz espresso blend (Ethiopian Mokka & Old Brown Sulawesi beans purchased @ Mauritz ), Palombini and Kimbo (beans purchased @ Delitalia), Iionia (ground coffee purchased @ Caffe Espresso), and Lavazza (ground coffee purchased @ a local supermarket). I made cappuccino by using a moka coffee-maker and an aerolatte milk frother. I think that Palombini is my favorite so far. I will soon purchase Passalacqua coffee @ Bar Centro.
Check out Mostly Italian Coffee.

I recently had a tasty Dolfin chocolate bar (dark chocolate with grilled almonds). Talking about chocolate and the Good Life, have you seen the great movie, Chocolat?

Here are two new places to the list of great culinary art:

$ Restaurant Little Italy.
$ Caleo - Mediterranean Dining & Drinks.

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