Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I was sowing the following chile pepper seeds on March 31:

  • Sarit Gat
  • Jamaican Bell
  • Yellow Cheese
  • Hot Lemon
  • Early Jalapeño
  • Szentesi Fehér Kosszarvú étkezési paprika
  • Chillies piments rouges

Here is plant that has "survived" from the last season. It is starting to get chile pepper fruits!

Yesterday I got some seed samples of a very strong chile pepper from a shop called Extreme Food Sweden in Gothenburg. I think the store owner gave me Naga Jolokia pepper seeds.

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Mick said...

I am one of the owners at ExtremeFood. I belive the seeds you got from us is Dorset Naga.
Its related to Naga Jolokia but is stronger.
Good luck! And dont touch anthing sensitive after touching the seeds! ;)