Tuesday, December 30, 2003


I attended another cigar tasting on December 27. My friend had one Grand Cru cigar and one Davidoff 2000. I had a cigar called Avo Uvezian XO Quartetto Notturno Tubos. We had an interesting discussion about the dangerous smoking ban and why freedom of choice should be the ruling principle instead.

Have your purchased your sparkling & bubbling wines for the New Year's celebration? I haven't bought any bottle yet, but I am thinking of getting the same wine as last year - Rotari Brut Riserva by Mezzacorona. For more bubbles, go to Richard Juhlin's Champagne Club. For more on wine, go to Robert Parker's site and read my post, WINE AROMA WHEEL.

Talking about tasty stuff, I have added a link to The Daily Bread (GastroBlog.com). [Hat tip to InstaPundit.]

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